Setting Time In Motion: Chrono Trigger The Musical?

The other day Justin sent me a link, a link that opened up a whole new world of video game adaptations that I never thought of before. We all know how video games have been spun-off into cartoons and movies, as well as books and comics. However, video games are about to step into a whole new field of creative genius… MUSICAL THEATER!

Just think about it, Super Mario Bro’s the Musical, Pacman the Musical, all of these would be incredible, as long as they didn’t try to take themselves to seriously. Now without further ado, I present to you, a flash video made by Parker Simmons Animation: Chrono Trigger the Musical!

(Be sure to check out Parker Simmons other youtube videos, they are pretty funny.)

Now, when I think back to Chrono Trigger, if carefully done, it would be an awesome musical. With a cast of humorous and silly characters, as well as some AWESOME music (one of these days I need Dan to write an article on the music of Chrono Trigger), how could it not be amazing. If Anime can step into the realm of Musical Theater, so can video games (Thank you Bleach).

For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, here is a scene from the Musical: Bleach (the good stuff starts at 5:55)

-Andrew Ragazzo

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2 Responses to Setting Time In Motion: Chrono Trigger The Musical?

  1. Dan says:

    Wow I’m not going to life, I fell out of my chair laughing at the ribety ribety riberty part of the song. This would truely be fantastic, and expect an article on Chrono Trigger soon. ^_^

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