A Musical? Maybe after the play…

Yes, there really was one

Yes, there really was one

If you were hoping for a musical then you’ll have to wait a bit, but in the meantime there’s a play you can see. It has undead pirates, talking dogs, a voodoo priestess, and it goes something like this: Deep in the Caribbean… The Island of Melee…


In the Spring of 2005  Chris Heady released his adaptation upon the world. A long time fan of the Monkey Island series, Heady wanted to allow everyone to connect to the games he loved through a medium everyone could enjoy, “That’s when I thought about making it into a play, something manageable, funny, and everyone can relate to. It’s then that I started working on the script.


A rubber chicken with a pull in the middle, what possible use could that have?

Of course in making this play, Chris needed to obtain the rights to put it on, which was a tricky process, “Originally I wrote an email to LucasArts which received no response. I then went through my GT Mentorship teacher Mrs. Debra Messer and wrote a second letter, this time on letterhead and mailed it through the school’s outgoing mail. Within a week, we received a response. . . The deal was that we couldn’t distribute the script, we weren’t supposed to duplicate and sell copies of the show, and we had to do it at the designated high school within a year of signing the contract.”


Captain Lech-! and Bob

After Heady obtained the rights to the play he had to acclimate everyone else to the world of Monkey Island because, “No one in the cast had ever heard of Monkey Island before. . . I had everyone research their characters and then the best part was seeing them make it their own. ”


Stealing the show, Bagmi Das in action.

But not to worry, despite the cast being relatively uninitiated and a few trade offs being made, “The script follows the game very faithfully. . . We also had to change the racial profile of some of the characters. In the play version, the Voodoo Lady is Indian which is surprisingly hilarious.”

Having watched the performance of Bagmi Das as the Vodoo Lady, I can assure you she was magnificent and nearly stole the show with her few scenes alone. Matt Lehtonen as Guybrush also did an excellent job and fit the role of a plundering bunny quite well.

And of course, what would a pirate game be without some action, “We had to teach most of our cast members swordplay.” So if you have the time to watch it, I highly recommend checking out this comical adaption of a great adventure game – or, if you’re simply curious to learn more, the link at the top of the article to worldofmi has all the interviews, pictures, and videos you could want.


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