8-Bit Jesus!

This holiday season, forget about the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, throw out your CD of Twisted Sisters “A Twisted Christmas.” The Christmas album to rule all Christmas Albums is here! All give praise to the newly born

Have a very 8-Bit Christmas!

Have a merry 8-Bit Christmas!

“8-Bit Jesus,” is an 18 track album of popular Christmas songs remastered using the NES chip set sounds. Each song is paired with a popular game from the NES. The names of these games are worked into the titles of each song, and uses the same sound set to create the song.

Example: “8 Days of Master Robots,” is a re-master of “12 Days of Christmas” and is designed to sound like music from a Megaman game.

Other tracks include: Carol Of The Belmonts, Ryu, The Red Nosed Ninja, and Bubbles We Have Heard On Bobble!

Created by one of my favorite video game inspired artists, Doctor Octoroc. 8-Bit Jesus was released yesterday just in time for the holidays. The album is available for free on Doctor Octoroc’s website. However if you donate $15 he will send you a physical copy of the album.

So give the Doc’s site a check and download this AWESOME album, ENJOY!

In case you missed the link above to Doctor Octoroc’s website, here it is: http://www.doctoroctoroc.com/

-Andrew Ragazzo


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