Top 10 Soundtracks: Breath of Fire

Just slipping into the top 10 is one of the more unknown RPG series to grace Nintendo: Breath of Fire.
Composed by the Legendary Yoko Shimomura and the famous Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita) of Capcom, expecting a great soundtrack is not a stretch in the least.

10. Breath of Fire
-Yoko Shimomura & Yasuaki Fujita

From the opening of the soundtrack to the end, Breath of Fire does nothing less than immerse you. The interplay of soft and sharp string sections that can rush you into battle or sonically encircle the prominent piano is one of the first and last things you hear.

The soundtrack opens up with drums and strings ripping along to the beat of a civil war involving the Light and Dark Dragons. Brass sections filter in and out as the music gets more heated –  and then, before you know it – things start to slow down and a flute comes in. This leads into the slow and impassioned next track: The Prologue, which paints the grim picture of the Light Dragon’s losing fight.

The polarity of this game persists as the impassioned Battlefield track builds you up with it’s fast beat, baseline, and snappy strings and then Town in Despair creates a slow, dark atmosphere.
Town in Despair

Still, Breath of Fire is not without light and enjoyable tracks too. Songs like Glorious Days, Ocean Town Prima, and Musical City Tunlan contain a playful, relaxing, and fun attitude that cloak the more prevalent gloom of the soundtrack.
Glorious Days
Musical City Tunlan
Ocean Town Prima

The song that deserve the most mention, of course, is the track Alan and Cerl Forever, also known as Sara’s Theme apparently. This theme combines a music box, piano, and string section into a sad and powerful force. It’s incredible how moving the track is, and it’s heard very early within the game.

Finally, the game closes with a very solid ending theme. It’s more of a light finish than you would expect from the opening, but it’s still a very fitting end theme. The song really catches on about a minute in when the piano begins to do octaves and then the string section takes on an almost star wars-like shift back to the intro.
Finale ~ Epilogue to the War



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  2. Josh says:

    Wrow! That was “surprisingly” good, if you know what I mean. =))

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