Top 5: Fan Made Live-action Trailers

Video game movies: a subject that every true gamer fears the most. Why is that? Maybe it is because video games are not truly respected as an art form or maybe Hollywood doesn’t really care about the quality of the movie, they just want a franchise to sell tickets. However, today, I present to you, the Top 5 Fan Made Live-Action Trailers. The only criteria for this list was that it was a trailer, so sadly incredible on-line series like “Street Fighter: The Later Years” did not make the list.  So without further ado, let’s get started with my number 5 best trailer!

5.Pac Man

The city is in chaos, another victim found dead, authorities are calling these murders “The Ghost Murders”. Only one man –  No, one yellow dot, has the power to stop these evil ghosts from destroying the city. The Pac Man is here, armed only with his blaster, his signature yellow helmet, and a list of one liners so good it puts Bruce Campbell to shame.  The only way to satiate this Pac Man’s hunger, is with justice.  But is this burden too much for one man to handle, or will he need some help from a yellow beauty with a pink bow? We’ll just have to watch to find out.

4. Oregon Trail

“Dick Boobies has died of dysentery,” who here remembers getting that message roughly every time they played the Oregon Trail? I know I do (what is it with little boys and naming things after the human anatomy?). Ever since I was a child, playing The Oregon Trail on my computer, I wanted to see a movie adaptation of it, and my friends over at Team Awesome have put together a great trailer that combines Oregon Trail with Hollywood magic (bonus points if anyone can guess what movie they are parodying in the trailer).  By the way, for those of you who don’t know, Dysentery is quite possibly one of the most manley ways to die. It might only be diarrhea, but look it up, the definition for it is “Explosive Diarrhea,” how manley is that?

3. Mega Man

Mega Man is one of my favorite franchises ever, one that has carved out its spot in the gaming world with its renowned difficulty and solid platforming action. I have always dreamed of a live action Blue Bomber, but I feared that Hollywood would destroy it. That is why this project excites me so much. Unlike all the other trailers so far on this list, this is actually a movie, directed by Eddie Lebron. Mega Man is planning to be released via the Internet some time this winter. For a bunch of guys with no budget, they are doing quite the incredible job at making a movie that looks pretty decent.

I love the actors chosen to play each role, I think they both look like and fit the characters they are playing, especially doctor Light and Wiley. The visuals are absolutely stunning considering they are made with NO budget. Keep your eyes peeled to the inter-webs for this great movie coming soon.

EDIT: After a 6 month delay, Mega Man has finally been released. Head over to to see it!

2.  Punch-Out!!

*Que Survivors: Eye of the Tiger*

Team Awesome brings to us yet another of our Top 5 Fan made Live-action Trailers. This time, it’s Punch Out! Having lost his final fight, Little Mac retires, a broken shell of the man he once was. However like all great fighters, the call of battle is just to strong for him and he soon dawns his signature green gloves again,hitting the ring  to face the fight of his life. Will he win? Who knows!

Using the games 8-bit music kicks this trailer into overdrive, along with all of the puns and cameo appearances of Nintendo characters and merchandise, perfect. Team Awesome really caught the feel of a boxing movie with this trailer. It’s so well made, I feel like I’m watching a trailer for a new Rocky movie.

P.S. The guy playing Wario, to damn funny!

Alright, lets take a minute to recap!

Coming up at number 5 we have the yellow dot who defined a generation of gamers: “Pac Man!”

At number 4 we hitch up the wagon and head out on the “Oregon Trail”. Don’t drink that water!

Number 3 is the Blue Bomber himself, “Mega Man”, blasting his way to a website near you this winter!

Number 2 is the return of Little Mac as he dawns his boxing gloves and mouth guard in “Punch Out!!”

Finaly, the moment you’ve all be waiting for! What is the number one live action trailer? Well, here you go!

1. The Legend of Zelda

Back in April of this year, IGN posted a video that made nerds around the world simultaneously quiver in ecstasy, I should know, I was one of them. This is that  very video. Signing onto the internet that April first, we were greeted with blog posts and articles about the trailer for a new Legend of Zelda live action movie, hosted by IGN. Upon watching the trailer we see a cast of no name actors (the way it should be), all decked out in amazing costumes, music from the games, and great visuals! Every Zelda fan just about lost their mind, until they realised minutes after watching the trailer, the date… April 1st. One of the cruelest and best April fools pranks that I ever witnessed, IGN did a simply phenomenal job at recreating the world of Zelda into a live action trailer.

There you have it, the Top 5: Fan Made Live-Action Trailers! I hoped you enjoyed our countdown and stay tuned for more coming in the future. That’s all for now,


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