Top 5 Legend of Zelda Flash Remakes (and a few that don’t make the cut)

swordswingLoZremakeThe Legend of Zelda has been a successful series for Nintendo, giving them the equivalent of a “free pass” in terms of game development. All Nintendo needs to do is release a game that has the words “Zelda” or “Link” or “Hyrule” in it, and they automatically have a large number of units sold. This free pass, however, apparently can apply to flash developers as well. By simply stealing what makes this series unique, developers have tried to recreate the success of the original series… sometimes to no avail. There are a few, however, that are somewhat amusing. Take a look at the Top 5 Legend of Zelda remakes on the web right now.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the websites that these games are hosted on. Any material on these sites that you find unsuitable for your viewing is purely your responsibility. We are not responsible for what you click on. Browse at your own risk.

#5 – The Legend of Zelda: The Collecting of Pills

The googly-eyed monster is going to eat you. Face it, you're in trouble.

The googly-eyed monster is going to eat you. Face it, you're in trouble.

Play at

Those dreaded electrical mushrooms from Link’s Awakening make a return in this remake of Pac-man using a LoZ theme. Avoiding the mushrooms (as Link), you need to collect all the “pills” scattered throughout the playing field.

The problem is, those mushrooms don’t just aimlessly run around like they did in their first game. They’re out for blood now, and apparently are on speed as well. Your only defense is to collect a heart (conveniently placed on the corners of the screen) and make them avoid you.

Quite honestly, the game is cute but will not keep you distracted for long.

#4 – The Legend of Zelda Flash Game
Play at

I don’t even know where to start with this one.

Maybe I can start with the fact that it is all over the internet. When you search for a Zelda flash game, you’ll usually find this one. It poses as the original on a wide variety of knock-off flash sites, attempts to play like a good game, and really struggles to keep you from closing the window.

Now, creating a good flash game is hard work. You can’t knock the fact that the game is playable. However, creating a good game often requires some thought out story, or at least some continuity. This game throws you right into the fray, gives you 30 bombs, then tells you that they can’t be used until you find a bomb bag. Our fortune teller friend from Link to the Past is back, and is everywhere… The save feature is a plus, if you do in fact find your way past the first section of the game without getting frustrated at poor collision detection.

Oh, and don’t talk to anyone on the starting screen more then once unless you feel like starting over. They really didn’t tell you that.

I know how you feel. This game makes about as much sense as you do.

I know how you feel. This game makes about as much sense as you do.

You can try it, but it is very confusing. You’d probably like the next game a little better…

#3 – Zelda Invaders
Play at

"These rocks will protect me!" Yeah Link... that's it. Why not just kill them with your sword?

"These rocks will protect me!" Yeah Link... that's it. Why not just kill them with your sword?

Ahhh, a breath of fresh air. Out of the attempted world of flash RPGs and into the proven world of Space Invaders. This game gets it right because of its pure simplicity. Hide behind rocks, and shoot arrows at your enemies? Sounds good to me.

The game is actually quite good, but you know how Space Invaders is: once you play the first level, the next one looks very similar. I only wish that you got to shoot arrows at Ganon… or maybe that level comes after you kill his goonies countless times. I got 4,000 points before I decided that it probably isn’t the case.

#2 – Zelda V-Day Quest
Play at

Be careful of this guy. He'll get you.

Be careful of this guy. He'll get you.

This was almost #1… if it wasn’t only Valentine’s Day orientated. It was the series cleanly put into a flash game, that felt a lot like a game made by the old RPGToolkit. I actually had fun playing it.

The object was to make it from one end of the world to the other, finding objects to grow a flower for Zelda. You actually needed to think and backtrack at a few points, making the game a little less brainless then the other ones. This was the first Legend of Zelda game that I ever played where you didn’t need a single weapon. It was just made to be fun, and it achieved its goal – even if its length was a little short.

Maybe send it to your valentine? It could be fun, right?

#1 – The Legend of Zelda: The Seeds of Darkness
Play at

Number one for a reason… this game felt the most like a Legend of Zelda game in terms of combat. Swing your sword and block

That ended well.

That ended well.

with your shield, defending not only yourself, but a bomb that trails you around as well!

I found it fun that there were multiple enemies, each with their own annoying tactics. Some goblins that come after you with swords… some octoroks that have different shooting patterns… they’re all there! Even the spiders that jump out of the bushes to deal absurd amounts of damage for no reason! They are there too!

I stopped playing after the obilisks from Ocarina of Time started to stomp me. I could avoid them easily, but they jumped on the bomb, causing an epic nuclear explosion that ended my game. They can pack a punch. It also doesn’t help that they come in packs of three.

The coolest extra is the fact that they provided the source code so you can see how the game was made.

A very cool game, and a good way to pass the time.

Notable other remakes… good and bad:

The development of any remake requires a certain degree of practice. One such developer did a good job at copying the sprites and incorporating a fighting system, but never actually created a story to go along with it. You could try it out, and see if you can find the chest at the end. Other games, however, fail outright. Maybe if you taught your viewers how to actually play the game then it would actually be fun, but games such as Octorok Hunter really fall short of the mark. (If you can figure out how to swing your sword in this game, please leave a comment and let me know! I’d love to give this game a better review!) The graphics looked great, and the concept was there, but unless you know how to attack, “hunting” is useless.

Finally, a look at a potential AWESOME game in the making. Someone decided to take the original Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System and make it into 3D! To see the progress (without enemies), head on over to the game’s development page!

4 Responses to Top 5 Legend of Zelda Flash Remakes (and a few that don’t make the cut)

  1. JHdD says:

    You swing your sword by holding your cursor above an octorok and click. 😛

  2. James says:

    The lampshade of no apparent signifigance is the best game ever.

  3. Wond says:

    Hi,When I first came upon your blog I thought wow! this looks great – must follow.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hey Wond, I’m glad you like the site! Keep visiting and spread the word!

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