Top 10 Soundtracks: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Now who would have seen this game coming? Mario had done pretty well as a platformer and now he’s going to level up?! If anyone had concerns about the quality of the game, seeing Square as the developer should have solved all that. Square just makes some of the best (and worst) RPGs ever, but in any event, it also houses some of the best composers. In this case, Yoko Shimomura was chosen for the task.
5. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
-Yoko Shimomura (Koji Kondo & Nobuo Uematsu)

Well if you needed an excuse to bump this soundtrack up onto the best list, all you really need to do is look at the music credits. I consider Shimomura to be right up there with the best, and to top it off, she gets to collaborate with Kondo AND Uematsu for this game.

But back to the actual game music. Shimomura has a very diverse musical style and on this game she makes it very fun and playful. Even the most sad tracks have a cartoony edge to them. The sound quality of the music is also quite excellent for the SNES. The strings and percussion sound very real throughout the whole soundtrack.

The first track I’ll display is the opener to the soundtrack: Happy Adventure, Delightful Adventure. This is a fun, bouncing track that has an excellent percussion track under the main melody.

The next track up is actually one that first appeared as the end Boss theme in Super Mario Bros. 3, but it sounds much more epic on the SNES.

Next up is the map theme for the game. Granted, it’s repetitive and short, but just the instruments and layering really make this a standout track.

The first area track for Super Mario RPG is another well done track, with the classic xylophone carrying the melody, it’s overly catchy.

Mario RPG has great battle themes, so I’ll just pick out one of them: Fight Against an Armed Boss. The unique feature to this track is how Shimomura uses the bass in the melody and then shifts back to brass throughout the song.

The next track is a sad one, so sad in fact that it begins to rain in the game when it plays. In typical Shimomura style, the track is sad, but at the same time catchy and playful. Sad Song

Before I introduce this track, another one of the best VGM tracks ever made, I’ll apologize to Shanon in case he reads this. Anyway, the next up is none other than Beware of the Forest Mushrooms.

The next track up might be considered an odd choice, but since I heard The Oneups cover this song I realize how much of an excellent jazzy song it is. Bukki Tower (or Booster Tower).

This next track up I can’t help but whistle or sing along to every time  I hear it because it’s so catchy: Let’s Do the Fooka Fooka (Fluff Fluff) [City in the Clouds theme]

Finally I’ll close with ONE of the four end theme’s from Mario RPG:
Goodbye Geno, Seeing Dreams through the Window of Stars.


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