Top 10 Soundtracks: Chrono Trigger

chrono_trigger-hiiHave no fear, with only the top three soundtracks left to go, Chrono Trigger is here. Deciding to leave Chrono Cross out was difficult, but in the face of this game, it just wasn’t possible. Still, Chrono Trigger is easily a timeless soundtrack that will remain on this top 10 as sure as Yasunori Mitsuda composed it. Track after track is another standalone melody with astounding sound quality.

3. Chrono Trigger
Yasunori Mitsuda ♥ (Nobuo Uematsu)

Now if this soundtrack needed any validation then it’s story alone should about do it. Mitsuda worked so hard on the Chrono Trigger soundtrack that he developed ulcers, and so Mitsuda had his good friend Nobuo Uematsu finish arranging the songs for him. Need I say more?

The first song I’ll discuss in this vast collection of awesome is: Chrono Trigger (introduction). There’s so much in the song for only two and a half minutes. It has a excellent string and brass interplay along with an strong marching drum beat.

The next track up is the reminiscent and evocative Memories of Green. This track has a very wistful tone between the high pitched strings and echoing piano lines.

Wind Scene (600 AD) is one of the top tracks from the game. It has a catchy melody and multiple layers of strings. Just give this one a listen for yourself.

Now Robo’s Theme from Chrono Trigger is an upbeat song like Epoch but it’s totally underrated for being so catchy. Not to mention if you look on youtube there’s a Rick/Robo Roll ^_^.

Next up is a track that has long been a popular track from CT and it ended up being the name for an arranged album of CT music: The Brink of Time. The piano and bells on this song really makes it fit its name.

Another theme that gets passed over is Schala’s Theme. This might happen because it’s not a very aggressive or driving one, but the mournful melody and looping piano have a very epic feel to it. There’s actually an excellent cover of this song on Dwelling of Duels.

Of course I can’t omit Frog’s Theme, it’s simply too awesome. (and now apparently has lyrics) This is another driving song like Chrono Trigger and Guardia Castle.

The Battle Theme in Chrono Trigger is also pretty awesome and follows the Final Fantasy standard by having a ripping bass line beneath all of it, but this one also adds a fun strings melody on top.

Now for one of the coolest and most upbeat songs in the game: Epoch (Wings that Cross Time). I’ll let this jazzy song speak for itself.

I could honestly go track through track this whole thing quite happily but I’ll cut it off with the end theme, which easily makes a best end game themes list without breaking a sweat. To Far Away Times



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  3. Sjotime says:

    One of the best soundtracks out there. I just wrote a special about Chrono as I’m playing it yet again on my DS,…. it’s just awesome!

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