Top 10 Soundtracks: Secret of Mana

2773-secret-of-mana-1-ccxsp Secret of Mana is one of those soundtracks that defined video game music. All of the different musical styles and effects that were put into this game have become a standard when comparing any other game’s music these days. If it weren’t for one other soundtrack, I’d say that this was, without bars, the greatest soundtrack ever made.

2. Secret of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 2)
-Hiroki Kikuta

I’ll start this soundtrack off with the opening track, and what an amazing one it is. Angel’s Fear is probably the most well known track from the OST and it was recently rated 7th on the top 10 greatest songs of all time by Kikuta has an immense gift for arrangement and how he blends the music around the haunting piano melody gives me shivers.

Angel’s Fear (Fear of the Heavens)

Another melody in the same line as Angel’s Fear in terms of it’s chilling effect is Eight Bells. This track features a shift to a more cave-like echoing tone and adds in another well known feature of the Secret of Mana soundtrack: Drums. The drums in SoM not only sound incredibly realistic, but they also have a very modern style in them similar to Hitoshi Sakimoto (when the style is not specifically tribal).

Eight Ringing Bells

Another well known track is Into the Thick of it (Overland), which features a nice woodwind driven melody with piano interludes.

Into the Thick of It

A Curious Tale has a nice relaxing melody styled similarly to Into the Thick of It. This one employs a strong bass line under the song and the use of bells later on.

A Curious Tale (Tell a Strange Tale)

Now we switch to one of the most epic songs on the soundtrack, Dark Star. Listening to the piano on this song really makes you feel like (a really badass) evil is on the rise.

Dark Star

This next song is my personal favorite from the whole soundtrack: Leave Time for Love. The piano runs combined with the drum beats are simply awesome. I actually didn’t find this peace until I came upon a piano cover of the entire soundtrack and that particular segment blew me away.

If you’ve ever played Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and heard the weird style of Palkia’s battle theme, then you aren’t even half prepared for Oracle. This song is incredibly powerful, freaky, and messed up.


As per usual, I’ll close with the ending theme of the game: Now Flightless Wings. This piece is a very nice, soft, and slightly sad ending to the game.

Now Flightless Wings

The AMAZING cover of this soundtrack is performed by the artist Rexy.

If you ever want a 20 minute piece to listen to you can find Reign of the Mana Sword here on the Dwelling of Duels website.



3 Responses to Top 10 Soundtracks: Secret of Mana

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  2. Kikimaru says:

    My personal favourite was the battle theme for the 2nd-last boss – Dark Lich:

    aka “The Sorcerer”

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