Flying Omelette: Heads Up

One website that has been a constant aid and source in my quest for video game knowledge and especially video game music and composers is the Flying Omelette.nucleoimage2 is an excellent website for the retro gamer because there is a Q & A section on the website where questions of just about any nature relating to games or the website can be answered, and there are also forums for further communication if a person is so disposed.

Flying Omelette contains an alphabetically organized section for video games and video game soundtracks that the admin decided (usually after playing just about all of them) had enough value to be enshrined. But don’t worry, you can actually request games not found in the shrine if you believe they deserve recognition.

There is also a section on the FO website where numerous ending themes from video games are compiled. Apparently FO used to have a top 50 list, but now it exists as more of a compilation and it’s quite an excellent one at that.

This unique website also features a specific section for game oddities and glitches, of which, all the games can be commented on and added to through use of the Q & A section (which occurs frequently). And if you’re stuck in a certain game, there’s another separate section for guides.

If you want to learn a little bit about a game from just about any aspect, definitely stop by the Flying Omelette.


2 Responses to Flying Omelette: Heads Up

  1. Ah, thanks! Seems like you have some excellent taste in video game music, too. See you around.

  2. I absolutely love Flying Omelette as well!

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