Continue?’s Featured Artist: Ben Chan the Violinist

Hey everyone welcome to Continue?’s Featured Artist, a new monthly article that will be written by those of us at Continue (mostly Andrew), about different artists (Music, video, drawing, etc.), who are either fans or professionals of the video game industry (mostly fans). This week, Andrew is getting things started with one of his favorite YouTube musicians.

Ben Chan

Ben Chan was the guy who got me interested in YouTube musicians. I have always loved music, but have never been able to play it. Therefore, I find great joy in watching and listening to people play beautiful music. I accidently found my way to Ben’s YouTube channel sometime in the first half of 2008, when his channel only had a few videos on it.  Currently, Ben has 65 videos posted and has almost 10,000 subscribers (so those of you reading this, go subscribe to him right now)! Ben was also one of the lucky YouTube musicians who was invited to go and be a part of the YouTube Symphony, which took place on April 15th 2009, at Carnegie Hall, conducted by the world-famous Michael Tilson Thomas. Ben’s YouTube Channel has lots of videos on it, with music from musical theater, classical composers, anime, and video games. I am going to focus on his video game music.

In this video titled, “Variations on a Chocobo?” Ben plays the Chocobo theme over and over at different speeds, pitches, etc.  A very neat video.

Another great video is the song played in Geno’s Forest in Mario RPG

Although short, Ben does it again with an awesome rendition of Super Mario 2’s theme song.

The last video I am going to share with you is a collaboration between three YouTube Musicians, all of who have some really great videos out there: Lypur, Docjazz4, and Ben himself on the violin. The three of them play the song “Scars of Time” from Chrono Cross.

Thanks Ben for the great retro gaming music, keep it up!

If you would like to see more of Ben’s videos click the link below!

Ben’s YouTube Channel

Other than that, thanks for joining me on our first edition of “Continue?’s Featured Artist!”

Peace out



2 Responses to Continue?’s Featured Artist: Ben Chan the Violinist

  1. Dan says:

    Nice pick Andy, this guy rocks!

  2. […] YouTube videos of himself playing different videogame music.  If you think back to that article (click here to read it), the last video I showed was a video that was a collaboration of three different artists: Lypurr, […]

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