Continue?’s Featured Artist: You can be one too!

Cuz being on a website is the thing to do!
Trolling and Complaining is not the way,
Hear what Mr. Andrew has to say!

“Just give me you name and work too!”

Alright, sorry about that, I wanted to sing the Captain Planet theme.

If you couldn’t figure out what my poorly written lyrics mean, it’s quite simple. You have the power to be one of Continue?’s Featured Artists. Just send me an email (which you can find on our contact page), explaining why you think you should be our “Featured Artist of the Week!” Also include some samples of your work and a link to where I could find more.

Here is an example:

Send an email to “” (that’s my email)
Subject: “I want to be Continue?’s Featured Artist”

Body: Give me your name, why you think your awesome enough to be our featured artist, and a sample of your work. Then also include a link to a website where I can see more.

It is that simple. Now I know that our THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of readers are just jumping at the chance to be the artist of the week, but please, be patient.

Anyway, that’s all!


2 Responses to Continue?’s Featured Artist: You can be one too!

  1. Dan says:

    The power is yours!


  2. Justin says:


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