Jesus!… that’s one hell of a soundtrack

Yes, the soundtrack up for review is Music from Jesus ~ The Fearful Bio Monster. I will admit that I often pick soundtracks by name expecting them to be awesome, but in this case I didn’t have high hopes for this – but Jesus, was I ever wrong!

Music From Jesus ~ The Fearful Bio Monster – Koichi Sugiyama

As I started to listen to the soundtrack, I had my first revelation when I noticed it was done by Dragon Warrior composer Koichi Sugiyama. The next thing to hit me was that, even though this is for a NES game, the first five tracks are full orchestra arrangements – all of which sound beautiful. Koichi’s arrangment of the orchestra is blended perfectly and  I wouldn’t expect anything less.

As I listened to it, I noticed that it has this almost old-style detective movie/80’s TV show intro tone to it. It’s a bizarre mash up but it sounds awesome. Also, between the arrangements and chiptunes is a reoccurring theme that is played with and meshed in each song. It makes the soundtrack really awe-inspiring to listen to because it so well crafted and planned, I can honestly say this game could easily be a movie.

As for top tracks: there are tons of them, but the intro theme: “Blue Infinite” is a very nice smooth intro that grabs your attention but doesn’t quite blow you out of your seat. Blue Infinite

Next up is “Love of The Color Purple ~ Sweet Hug” This is easily the best description for the song, it sounds like a nice lovefest of hugs and purply goodness that makes you feel like a kid again. The track has lots of string play and woodwinds and it makes me think of “Zora’s Domain” (Particularly the Hyrule Symphony arrangement) Sweet Hug

Last for the arranged tracks is the action-packed “The End of Space…” It’s an arrangement of four tracks and it has a jazz guitar and trumpet meets suspense and strings feel to it.
The End of Space

Switching over the chiptunes: Our first selection is “With Jesus” which really makes you want to pump your fist and woot. Musically, it’s a cool arrangement of strings and chiptune flutes and bass. The soundchip really reminds me of the first two pokemon series (Red&Blue and Gold&Silver). The track itself seems to be a combination of two or three pieces and each of them merits a listen. With Jesus

Next up is the chiptune “Comet ~ Confrontation”. This track feels like the travel/ fighting track because it’s very up-tempo and has a catchy repetitive beat. Later on when the tracks shift it becomes much more suspenseful.

Finally my last pick is the “Victory Melody”. The opening of the song is dark, which is very misleading for what it turns into: An awesome victory theme that builds and builds. The only drawback is that – probably for story sake – it doesn’t kick in until about (1:30) or so.
Victory Melody

Overall, Jesus is a very theatrical soundtrack on both the arrange tracks and chiptunes, but one element you can only find on the chiptunes is the space-like tone that the whole soundtrack has (which it should have because it’s all in space). Still, space or not, this soundtrack is heavenly.



One Response to Jesus!… that’s one hell of a soundtrack

  1. Andrew says:

    This is quite possibly, the greatest thing I have ever listened to…

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