Awesome Video of the Week!

Hey Hey Hey!

It’s Saturday, boys and girls, so lets get this weekend started out right, with Continue?’s, brand spanking new, Video of the Week! Starting today, every week, unless something big comes up, I, Continue?’s resident YouTube junkie, will be posting an awesome video that all of you should watch. These videos could come from anywhere, I might make ’em, I might find them on-line, hell even YOU, our valued readers could email them to me. What ever it may be, I will be posting it on Continue? for all of you to see!

I was going to get this new segment started with a video staring none other than yours truly (Dan is in it too!), however, the YouTube nazis aka. Google, have removed the audio because of a song it uses. Bull shit, if you ask me. So until I can get it uploaded else where, it will have to wait.

So in the mean time, please enjoy a video staring everyone’s favorite pitch man Vince Offer! When he isn’t busy selling the Sham Wow or the Slap Chop, and he isn’t beating hookers, Vince loves to get down with some funky techno beats. So everybody put on your raving shoes and start your weekend with the “Jam Wow!”

Don’t forget to also check out Vince’s rapping skills with the “Rap Chop!” (which you can view here)

I know this isn’t video game related, but this was just to awesome for me to resist! Catch you all next Saturday for another “Awesome Video of the Week!”



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