Set the Arcades on fire with: Alpine Racer 2

The Soundtrack that I’m reviewing today is Alpine Racer 2. This arcade soundtrack is full of rock and punk stylings and some killer guitar licks.

Alpine Racer 2Kazuhiro Nakamura,Yoshihito Yano

This soundtrack starts out well enough: it has one of the most kick-ass opening songs  I have ever heard! Then it progresses into some pretty solid thematic and short transition tracks… BUT. My main qualm with it is the singing. Don’t get me wrong, all the instrumentation is fantastic but the singers (Eriko Ito & Tak Ishii) remind me of a blend of…
This guy:
and William Hung.

As for the opening theme: “Aerial Life”. It rocks! There’s an action pumped guitar laying down power chords that remind me of a blend of Techmo Super Bowl and a Sonic song. Then over it is a lead guitar with a very nice lead tone and killer riffs. Then a synth fades in just right – and, of course, there’s some supporting drums. Aerial Life

Next up is “Beyond the Canyon”. This is a short track, but it has nice wistful almost “please continue?” sound to it (all set into a solid rock atmosphere of course). Beyond the Canyon

After that comes “Anythin’ Goes”. This is a solid race track that reminds me of 1080 (if only it didn’t come out two years later). Anythin’ Goes

Following is “Kaz’s Boogie”. This is a rocked out boogie track just like it sounds. It’s not exactly a standout track compared to some of the other, but it fits the bill for the game pretty well. Kat’s Boogie

Even though “Earth Works” is less than thiry seconds, I really like it as a transition track. It’s similar to “Beyond the Canyon” where it is a short but to the point song. Earth Works

Last for the instrumentals is: “Chasing the Insanity”. This track is pretty heavy and I’d label it one of the more metal tracks on the OST. Chasing the Insanity

As for the singing tracks, I think “Nobody Knows..” (Nobody should know..) is the most catchy for the male vocalist. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what he’s saying at many points, but he could be talking about just about anything, so if you want a laugh, let your mind run… or don’t. Nobody Knows

And for the female vocalist: “Fantasia” is definately her better track. They all sound like annoying 80’s pop songs, but this track has more of a rock/ almost Bruce Springsteen tone to it (if he were dancing in an impenetrable dark). Fantasia

So in summary, if you stick to the instrumentals Alpine Racer 2 is a pretty solid soundtrack. Also, if you would like to cleanse your ears with a song where Japanese Artists doing English actually rocks: Then “Daytona ~ Let’s Go Away” it is!


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