Digging deeper into the Super Mario Bros. 3 Hidden Levels, and other Super Mario Bros. series glitches

The story on Infendo that is currently at the top of Reddit’s “Gaming Subreddit” pointed out that there were in fact hidden levels deep within the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartridge that never saw the light of day. Interested in these levels, I decided to do a little searching to find out what these levels were really about.Super Mario Bros. 3 has long been hailed as one of the best games to be released for the NES, and perhaps in Nintendo history. This game, however, didn’t become that way overnight. Obviously developers spent a long time working each of the levels out, to create a unique experience that far surpasses any of the other games released at the time.

While developing, these programmers created testing grounds – “levels” that never saw the light of day for good reason. Some didn’t have enemies, some where strangely put together, others were unnecessarily unfair (like level 7 that had two Hammer Bros. waiting for you after you left the last pipe). The Mushroom Kingdom outlined each of these levels, including the one that was ominously placed on the back of the original Super Mario Bros. 3 box! In addition to that, there were also new sprites and enemies that the general public had never encountered before. All this accessible through a game genie! Even more amazingly, these levels stayed intact when the game was ported over the Super Nintendo Entertainment System!

NES users can access the Game Genie Debug Menu through The Mushroom Kingdom’s website, where SNES users playing through the newer port of the game can find the codes here. (Additional NES codes can be accessed through The Warp Zone).

Strange level glitches have always been abundant in Super Mario Bros. These glitches include:

Super Mario Bros. helped set the stage for many innovative platformers, so it is always interesting to see “what could have been” in terms of new levels and enemies.

Any other legit glitches that you know about? Leave a comment and we’ll add it to the list!


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