Getting your Money’s Worth: Rock Band

Ever tried to play drums on rock band? If you liked it and thought easy wasn’t too bad… well neither was medium – but, when hard and expert came along you really needed to start practicing. The practice feature option of slowing the song down made that really easy too. Did you ever think that the difficulty and configuration of the drums in rock band was actually the same as real drums? I know every guitarist hates guitar hero because people think they have talent for the real guitar when they can five-star expert, but it would seem that rock band proves the (freaking sweet!) exception.

After reading a couple articles that said the difficulty and skills gained from playing rock band drums actually correspond to drums in real life, I had to see if you could sit down and play all of those greens and blues on an actual set. Fake Plastic Trees set out to prove this, and got to play with Coheed and Cambria!

Amusingly, the staff placed greens, yellows, and reds onto the actual drums so he would have a reference point. The cool part though is that it sounds dead on! So drums actually apply to real life, which is why I’ve been practicing rock band so that I’ll have a point in buying a real set.

Of course, I then had the thought, “If I paid like 125 for a rockband set, why can’t I hook that into my PC or something and turn it into a real set I can practice on in the meantime.?” I figured either that or sell my set to buy a new one. Sure enough, there’s an article and a nice program for doing just that.

This set can be preset to anything from rimshots to techno and you can record what you play also.


Rock on!



One Response to Getting your Money’s Worth: Rock Band

  1. Garrett says:

    That’s pretty insane, to think that whole records could be made using the rock band drums. If you get a good enough synth of the drum kit, maybe people wouldn’t even notice… this makes me laugh at all the rock band haters that say the game takes no talent at all. 😛

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