Awesome Video of the Week: Mega Man 2.5D

Angry at Andrew for not continuing this potentially fun series, I decided to post a video in his absence… and I’m sure it will please everyone.

So… How many people, by a show of hands, liked Mega Man 2. Yeah? So did I. Sure, it was a tough game at parts, but it was FUN – something lacking in many of today’s games. Now, who here by a show of hands would play Mega Man 2 again if it was slightly modded to incorporate some of the finer points of 3D while still keeping the feel of the 2D game.

I’m sure the answer to that is a resounding yes, with the exception of the few of you who are too conservitive to change anything about the past.Today’s video of the week (that sounds weird) comes directly from a game developer who is working on recreating this classic, mad-scientist style. Take a look:

This game has the potential to be a very interesting experience, and definitely still retains the feel (and difficulty) that we’ve come to expect from some Mega Man games.

What do you think? Could this style of Mega Man game poteintally be better then the original? Or, do you think that Mega Man should never, ever leave his 2D world? Comments are always welcome!


2 Responses to Awesome Video of the Week: Mega Man 2.5D

  1. Dan says:

    Wow this is pretty damn awesome! I really think this looks great, especially the 2P mode.

  2. Garrett says:

    will this be coming out on any of the systems for something like xbox live or is it a just for fun kinda thing?

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