ANIME, SHENMUE, WEDDINGS, And WORK! Andy’s awesome last couple of weeks!!! PART 1

Alright everybody, I’m back and ready to go! It’s been awhile, almost three weeks since I last updated.  In the last three weeks, I drove to Toronto for an Anime Convention from May 22-24th, spent May 25th – June 2nd in Scranton Pennsylvania, came back to Rochester, then again hit the road on the 5th-7th to go to a wedding in Scranton, Ohio. After all of that, I just spent the last week relaxing and working. Now that I’m back and feeling better, I want to tell you all a little about my adventures over these few weeks.

Date: May 22nd-24th

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Mission: Anime North 2009

Toronto is my home town, it felt good to have a reason to go out there and spend some time. The mission I was given was to go to Anime North, a yearly Anime Convention held in Toronto. I’m no stranger to Anime North, I have attended every year since 2006, however this time we had a mission. I was to assemble my A-Team like crew and bring to AN09 a group of cosplayers unlike the world has ever seen! Joined by my most trusted allies, Jamie, Ashur, and Clarence, we set out to be the best Street Fighter cosplayers to ever step into Anime North… And we delivered.

Let me Introduce you to the crew!

Four years ago, a group of four anime fans met at Anime North, at the Udon Comics table by pure chance. The men promptly became quick friends and began cosplaying in a group at conventions when ever they can. Today, still attending Anime North, they survive as Cosplayers. If you want a picture, if no other costumes seem to peak your interest, and if you can find them, maybe you can photo… The Cos-Team!

Jamie aka. Dan Hibiki


Jamie, the smooth talker. He has an uncanny ability to spit game like no one else at these Anime Conventions, always bringing a new chick back. He is the Face-man of our organization.

Ashur aka. Ken Masters












Well... Its ken back in his 80s rocker phase...

Well... It's ken back in his 80's rocker phase...

Ashur is our crew’s raving lunatic. Often refered to as the “Howling Mad Murdock” of our group, he will not only kill you, but do… I… I can’t even bring myself to share it with you. Watch your back, you never know where he might be!

Clarence aka. Ryu











Greatest Ryu cos, hands down.

Greatest Ryu cos, hands down.

Clarence, the “Hannibal” of our rag-tag team of cosplayers. He is our master of disguise. Not only are his costumes perfect, his attitude and skill for becoming the character, inside and out, truly makes him a valuable member of our team.

Andrew (Yours truly) aka. El Fuerte










Its Super Dynamic Cooking Time!

It's Super Dynamic Cooking Time!

Finally, myself. I guess I am left with B.A. Barracus, not that I’m complaining. Master of stunts and fighting, I am always willing to hurt myself to get a cool shot. Whether its spinning in the air or flying backwards, no one makes a hit look real, quite like myself.

Alright, now that I’ve had my fill of the A-Team for now.  let me get onto the main point!

That was our crew, the four of us spent the three days of the convention mostly having our pictures taken. In addition to the four of us, two other people played a very important role in making this weekend awesome!

Two Challengers Approach!

Vivi aka. Asuka

Candace aka. Sakura

These where the people we spent the most time with, but we also met many others along the way. Characters from all over the spectrum: Pokemon, Digimon, Guilty Gear, Sack Boy, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Power Rangers, and countless others! It was great. Here are a few of my favorite pics we got.

This truly was a great convention this year, I hope next year is even better.

If you went, send me some pics of yourself, I’d love to throw them up on the website!

Tune in tomorrow night when I tell you all about my time in Scranton and my addiction to Shenmue!



2 Responses to ANIME, SHENMUE, WEDDINGS, And WORK! Andy’s awesome last couple of weeks!!! PART 1

  1. Anime girls always look unbelievably gorgeous. Simply kawaii!

  2. Everest says:

    Yet another amazing article! I shared this one on Twitter – i suggest you add a “like” button to your blogposts. 🙂

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