A look at VG sucession

July 14, 2009

Well I was playing around with SNES and PSX controller and I had a thought. Is it possible that the two consoles have some relation? They have very similar button configurations despite the fact that the Nintendo 64 and Playstation were dire competitors in a war of cartridges vs. CDs. So I decided to do some investigating in order to see for myself if the Playstation could be the true successor to the SNES.

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A Series of Series: Ahoy Matey! Problems Ahead!!!

July 12, 2009

Well I’m going to break up my music reverie this week in order to discuss a series that has a massive flaw that is known in small cases, unknown to most of the world, and ignored by those who produce this series.

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A Series of Series: Pokemon

July 4, 2009

My next string of articles will be reviewing music for games that  are in a series. I’ll start with the pokemon series and go on from there. It’s interesting to watch a series progress from game to game and platform to platform because the composers often change hands, or styles in many cases.

Junichi Masuda

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