The War of Mascots

April 28, 2010

Well it seems like reddit is playing host to a barrage of video game characters appearing all over the word on windows and walls in post it notes and chalk. Whether it’s Sonic or Mario, every post seems to be snowballing into yet another picture appearing. Leading to a few back and forth battles turning… musical?, and also inspiring an entire group of engineering students to post it an entire building face. I just wonder where this will go from here.
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Hidden Gems: Boktai

April 23, 2010

Hi there, I’m a new writer for this blog, and this is a new column you’ll see semi-regularly called Hidden Gems, where I’ll tell you all about awesome games that nobody played.

For the first article I bring you Boktai!

Boktai was a title on the original Gameboy advance brought to you by Konami.

That right there should tell you it’s awesome but if you need further convincing keep reading.

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Hidden Secrets are Hidden

April 20, 2010

Well I was rolling along in my day listening to some music from the Donkey Kong Country series when I noticed something odd about the music. It seemed vaguely familiar… as if I had heard it before. But no, this was not a carry over from a different Donkey Kong game or SNES title. No, it was from… the future?

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