Hidden Secrets are Hidden

Well I was rolling along in my day listening to some music from the Donkey Kong Country series when I noticed something odd about the music. It seemed vaguely familiar… as if I had heard it before. But no, this was not a carry over from a different Donkey Kong game or SNES title. No, it was from… the future?

Now of course everyone knows that gaming companies plan way ahead. Heck, any Blizzard fan loves and hates that about all of their games. I thought I had caught the clever easter egg in Donkey Kong Country 3 when I noticed that Wrinkly Kong was playing an N64 in the save cave, but what I didn’t noticed about the whole area was the music itself, which is my favorite feature of just about every game – especially in David Wise’s case.

The music playing, titled “Wrinkly 64” in the OST, is a Monkeyfied version of “Inside the Castle Walls” from Super Mario 64, which was apparently released as a launch title for the 64 a month prior to the release of DKC3. So I suppose it’s not a super planned ahead idea, but I still find it pretty cool that they went to such lengths to promote their new game and system.

Mario 64-Inside the Castle Walls

Wrinkly 64

Now if we can just get a really cool new series to hit Donkey Kong I’ll be happy for awhile.



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