Hidden Gems: Metal Gear Solid

Yes I know what you’re thinking, Metal Gear Solid?? EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THAT GAME.

But I’m not referring to the Playstation game at all.

No what I’m referring to is the Gameboy color game.

In Japan it was released under the title Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. The story is not continuous with any of the Metal Gear Solid story lines, but it is an alternate timeline that takes place 8 years after the events of Outer Heaven.

The actual gameplay is what you would expect from a Metal Gear game. Stealth action.

It also controls surprisingly well for a Gameboy game. Snap necks, duck under cars, knock on walls, it’s all there. The game looks pretty good too for a Gameboy game. You receive codec calls from Campbell and Meryl through out.

Its like a mix of Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear 2 (BLUEMSX version, not NES). The game isn’t as free-roaming as the predecessors however. It plays sort-of like Virtual Missions in that there are stages. Unlike Virtual Missions you can do whatever you need to reach the goal.

The dialog is decent and the game is pretty solid. (No pun intended). Give it a check out if you can find it.



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