Hidden Gems: Trouble in Terrorist Town

Alright, I know I just did Metal Gear Solid like last week but I recently came across this gem and had to share it.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a mod of a mod. It’s a mod for Garry’s Mod, which is a mod of Half-life 2.

That’s a lot of mods.

Anyway, what you need to play is Garry’s mod and Counter-Strike Source, the hard part is finding a Garry’s Mod server that’s running the Trouble in Terrorist Town mod.

So what is it?

Theres a town full of terrorists, and a couple of them have become traitors! The job of the innocent Terrorists and detectives is to find and kill the traitors. The job of the traitors is to kill all the innocents and detectives!  A good way to describe it is like a Live-action version of CLUE, but instead of one culprit there’s four. Oh and they can kill you, you can kill them.

He is dead.

This is confusing.

Yes. The game is admittedly hard to pick up, but it is simple in design and as such once you learn the basics you pretty much have it, and it’s a lot of fun.

So now I’ll break down a round for you, there are 3 phases in a round.


This is the 30 seconds before a match starts, players have not been assigned to a team yet, but they can scout the map and find items / weapons to use once the round starts.


This is the main game phase. The 4 traitors are selected as well as the 2 detectives.


Traitors: Traitors can see everything. They know who the detectives are, who the other traitors are and they can see planted c4. The traitors must work together and lure innocents into traps so that they can kill them without anyone catching on.

Innocents: Innocents are trying to figure out who the traitors are, by watching other innocents and being paranoid of them, waiting for one of them to attack. Innocents do not know who the traitors are, they see them as other innocents. They know who the detectives are however.

Detectives: Detectives have the same goal as the Innocents, but they have access to special gear and weapons that innocents do not get, which help in identifying traitors.

So how does this work anyway?

Traditionally in most FPS games when you die every player is notified of your death and who killed you. Not so in Trouble in Terrorist Town. There is no notification that you’re dead when you are killed. Once you are killed you cannot talk with players that are still alive and you’re out for the rest of the round. The gunfire is also muffled in game, so if you go wandering off across the map and a traitor follows you and blasts your head off, if no one is around to hear the gunfire then your death will probably go unnoticed.

If you come along a body, you can confirm it. Obviously the traitors do not want to confirm kills, as the more innocents that appear to be alive the better for their cover. Confirming a body means you know that a player is dead. When you confirm a body you are also given clues about how they died. If it was an accidental fall, if they were shot (and where sometimes) and if you are a detective that finds the body you can even see what kind of bullet killed them as well as their last words (as long as they are typed). All of these clues should tip you in on traitors.

That is, it would clue you in on sloppy traitors. Another game mechanic is to drop your weapon. If you’re a traitor and there’s a lot of innocents left it’s usually a good idea to drop your weapon and find a new one to lower suspicion of other players, especially so since detectives can count the number of bullets in your gun, and if they see shots fired that looks bad on your part.

Games can go by really fast or last up to 15ish minutes. It depends on how clever you are.

What is stopping me from just opening fire on everyone?

Karma. This is a way the makers tried to stop team killing. When you log into a match, you get 1000 karma. Every team kill takes away a good amount of karma (about 100 per kill), as your karma drops, so does the damage you deal. A player with 0 karma is pretty worthless as a traitor as they wont be able to kill innocents fast enough, and worthless as an innocent because they can’t defend themselves at all.

Neat, I want to play!

This is the official website: http://ttt.badking.net/

These are a few decent servers to play on:

[TDRgaming.com] Trouble in Terrorist Town #1| Teamplay –
[TDRgaming.com] Trouble in Terrorist Town #2| Teamplay –
[TDRgaming.com] Trouble in Terrorist Town #3| Teamplay –
<DNRGAMING.NET> Playin’ TTT! <Dinosaurs! Ninjas! Robots!> –
<DNRGAMING.NET> Playin’ TTT! <Dinosaurs! Ninjas! Robots!> –
<DNRGAMING.NET> Playin’ TTT! <Dinosaurs! Ninjas! Robots!> –
[AS] Alters Server – TTT – FastDL –
The Ice Cave | Fast DL TTT –
RKSzone.com | Trouble in Terrorist Town | FastDL –
G4TC.net | TTT | FastDL –

Enjoy! And don’t rage-quit.

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