Video Game Nerd’s Craplist: Nightmare on Elmstreet OST

Well I’ll admit that most games that the AVGN trashes I usually don’t think about playing for a second unless they’re just THAT bad. But due to the music on this game, man I’d almost consider playing it just for effect.

This soundtrack is, of course, by David Wise so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that it kicks ass, but from James’ review you would have never found out that key piece of information. The coolest thing about this soundtrack is overall that it is a solid blend of creepy, terrifying music and some timeless melodies. One of these songs would easily make it in my top list of all time greatest NES songs.

We’ll start things out with a really short a really short but pumpin’ song to get things going: “Wake Up”

I can definitely see the downfall in many of the creepier songs is that they are inventive but very short; so they leave us with a mental breakdown unless we’re very focused on the game, which due to it’s nature I would guess would be the case. At least for me, scary games, no matter what age get my full attention and fear.

Despite setbacks, here are a few of the gripping tracks, in my collection they loop about 6 times. Super Mario Bros. 3 suffers from the same problem actually. The melodies are all really cool, but there’s isn’t as much diversity as you think when you’re playing it.

Anywho, here is “Junkyard” which is a eerie song that blends a few different themes from around the game with a bass bottom throughout. This one isn’t as spooky as other tracks, but it’s nicely blended and keeps things fresh while still sounding absolutely messed up.

The next two tracks that are scary but suffer from the loop effect are “Boiler Room” and “Basement”. Both of them seem to appear in Junkyard slightly modified too. Both of them are pretty wiggy tracks, if only they had a bit more too them – of course I’d have to play the game to see for sure.

Note: I seem to have a hit a limit on youtube videos so I cut these two tracks out and just hosted them myself on mediafire. It was for the greater good.


\”Boiler Room\”

Now onto the big boys, full tracks of horror and originality. One thing I love about the tracks is that many of them have a nice beat to them. It really makes them flow and rock. The first one I noticed had this was “Elm street High School” You could honestly sample this track and let loose.

Then we step back into the land of scare with “Cemetary”. This track starts nice and tense, the B section gets even more eerie, but it’s the C section that I think is awesome. It rings in my head especially because it reminds hugely of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 “Death Egg Zone”. I also enjoy the fact that it sounds absolutely fucked up.

sonic 2:

The next neat thing I noticed about the soundtrack is that all of the “House” themes are really cool, different, and they seem to jump between a bunch of different styles. The melodies can sound messed up, but at the same time they almost reach out to your heart at times. “First House” does this very weirdly in the C section. It is also another track with a nice beat to it.

“Second House” opens with a huge sense of urgency and then has an awesome building riff into the B section that would make a great boss fight, but then for no freaking reason the C section is almost a calm, peaceful lament that doesn’t make any sense to me but I’m guessing makes an excellent mindscrew.

Then, of course, there is “Third House” which opens more like the closing or middle chorus of a Dragonforce song when the cards are down and the hero wants to give up. It just seems to get sadder and sadder until it jumps into an almost super mario styled party song/ending and I once again have no clue where this track is going, but if  you aren’t completely weirded out playing this game I don’t know what it takes…

Then we’re going to shift down into real screwy territory with “A Nightmare”. It sounds like a weird blend between the still of “Junkyard” and “Cemetary” and it even has a fuzzy beat to hit that makes it all sound hazy and reminds me of the really minimal beat that plays in Final Fantasy 7 when you’re in Shinra. Apparently this is also the “Title Theme”

Of course what’s a game without some good battle music, though some random riffs cut from a few songs would own, we have “Nightmare Battle” which is not bad considering there’s not a lot to it.

The closing theme to the game, “Freddy’s Dead” isn’t very long, but it’s an epic melody. It also has one hell of a presence to it. If you vamped on it and threw some layers in you could make a killer song.

Ah! But there is one more song for you. This song is just ridiculously awesome. Looking through all of Wise’s work on this OST makes me appreciate many of the tracks that I might not have originally liked, but there was never a time that “On Elm Street” didn’t knock my socks off. Check it out:

So in conclusion, this soundtrack is an excellent combination of scary music and WTF. I’m always a fan of Wise’s music and this confusing soundtrack certainly didn’t let me down.


5 Responses to Video Game Nerd’s Craplist: Nightmare on Elmstreet OST

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  3. J M says:

    Excellent and comprehensive my friend. That last track is great… its hard not to appreciate the skill that goes into making midi blips sound epic.

  4. Andrew says:

    Dan… how do you do it… your posts get so many fucking hits…

  5. Dan says:

    Practice xD Also it’s hit or miss sometimes with reddit.

    Yeah I just have more and more respect for wise considering he was Rare’s first and only house composer for like 5-10 years.

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