Super Mario World Glitches and Other Mario Tas Speed Runs

Well here’s a classic game we’ve all probably beaten: Super Mario World. The Best part of the game was the open design because you could beat the game as quickly or as slowly as you wanted to. I remember taking it slow and trying to beat every level the first few times, and then I came to the realization that if I unlocked star world in the second area, I could just beat it and go straight to Bowser’s castle and just beat the game. Well the videos I have for today put my thinking to shame, sure some of them are silly mods, but some of them are glitches and tricks I never ever thought of.

The first video is something I saw on college humor a year or two ago. It’s a hacked ghost level of Super Mario World, custom designed so that the person playing never actually has to hit a button. Pretty damn cool if you ask me.

“Perpetual Mario Machine 3”

The next one, called “Perpetual Mario Machine” is also pretty cool, this one is actually set to a fast paced song so everything is a timed hit.

This next one is absurd, it is a guy doing a bunch of glitches with items. Yes this video is technically made with save states(TAS – Tool Assisted Speed Run) so that he/she could make it through the entire level in a seemingly flawless flow, but the glitches are all legit and it’s absurd how some of them work.

The next video takes one of the tricks from the previous video, the double grab, and uses it to get two yoshis, the cool thing is that one of them is invisible.

Now there’s another video I simply have to show because of how impressive it is. This a speed run of Mario 64… in 16 minutes! Yes the video and glitches applied are absurd and the guy playing mario gets Matrix points. Run done by Spezzafer

Finally we have a Super Mario Bros. 3 run that’s floated around the internet for awhile. Sadly we all discovered later that this 11 minute run wasn’t actually legit, it was just another tas, but it’s still pretty sick to watch.



7 Responses to Super Mario World Glitches and Other Mario Tas Speed Runs

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  2. Andrew says:

    Dude we got linked on a webcomic I read!

  3. Dan says:

    Awesome! 😀

  4. J M says:

    Great post! You’ve inspired me to write a Twisted Metal 2 SUPER secret glitches article.

  5. […] PS. Via Dueling Analogs, 16 minute speed run. […]

  6. Valiuse says:

    You should really check out speeddemosarchive. They have an 11 minute speedrun done on the original system. Also, all their stuff is done on systems. No TAS necessary.

  7. Dan says:

    That’s great, I’ve had an itching to play Twisted Metal 2 for awhile now too.

    Thanks Valiuse I’ll definitely look at it. I love how Garudoh uses videos from the archive to background his collections.

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