The Angry Video Game Nerd’s Craplist: Silver Surfer

It’s surprising how many times top composers end up making this list. Here’s another game that you would most likely never want to play unless you were some hardcore retro gamer, a comic book/game fanatic, or just a sadist. But the soundtrack of it should give you some more reason to suffer.

Silver Surfer is just another unfortunate, crappy game that had a legend, Tim Follin, as it’s composer. Though he’s been out of the industry since Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future, all of his work is always top notch. Silver Surfer is not exception and it’s easy to see how you could be misled into thinking it’s a good game since the title theme is some of the best stuff.

All of the music has a heavy beat to it and cool melodies that transition and use a lot of spacey/trippy effects, and it really gets the blood pumping and easily identifies itself as a shooter. Here is the “Title Theme” which is probably my top pick from the OST.

As we continue we’ll just follow the OST track by track because it’s a very short one. So next up is “Cutscene” or “Galactus’ Request” which is a short melody that has a huge sense of urgency. It’s very brooding but sounds cool with a repeating arpeggio in the background and melodies going over the top.

The “Level 1 Theme” is another awesome theme. There’s just so much going on it feels like a mad rush of action. The bass and drums and layout a cool groove and the instrument lines on top literally surf along the music, moving slowly with lots of bends and effects and then darting into mad scales and rushes. At some points the top line almost sounds like a police siren or a theremin.

The “Level 2 Theme” is next. This theme is more dark than the previous. The intro has much more straightforeward buildup that makes it feel like it would lead into a boss theme, but then it opens up into a full level track . The whole track is cool, especially with the drums that constantly change, but my favorite part is probably the C/D sections where most of the channels quiet except for the highest one (which sounds crystally at this point) and it plays a riff which seems to slow things down, then it turns back into a theremin almost and it just screeches out. At points it sounds almost piratey.

Next up is the “Mission Accomplished Theme” which has the same crazy drums as all the previous tracks, but this one features more relaxed melodies over the drums and even the occasional harmonies and echoing between the top two lines. The section where the harmony is ‘stacatto’ kind of reminds me of the map theme for Donkey Kong Country.

Finally we have “The Super Surfers (Highscores)”, which is probably one of the most toned down tracks on the OST. It has a nice opening riff that leads in the drum and bass section. Like any other, this track has a nice blues/funky jam that gets riffed around.

So there you have it, another game shunned by the AVGN with a kick ass soundtrack. Stay tuned for more.


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