Awesome Video of the Week!!!

You Can't Touch This!

To Legit To Quit!

Hey Hey!

It’s been a long time since Continue! posted an awesome video of the week! Well this week I present to you a truly amazing video. Taking two pop-culture icons of the 90’s and mashes them together at the speed of light!

In one corner, we have the father of pop-rap, the master of the parachute pant, the one, the only: MC HAMMER!

In the other corner, we have the blue blur himself. That to cool for school azure rodent: Sonic the HEDGEHOG!

Created by the brilliant mind of Mixerproductions, he mixed together You Can’t Touch This, by MC Hammer, and The Flying Battery Zone, from Sonic, to create a great mash-up titled Can’t Touch This Battery. I am very excited to see what he brings to us next time!

I never would have thought that those two songs would work together so well, however with some pretty basic mixing and editing, Mixerproductions have created a pretty awesome song!


2 Responses to Awesome Video of the Week!!!

  1. Dan says:

    There´s a couple good ones like this that people do with lady gaga songs and they work unusually well too. Nice find! This is kickass 😀

    If you check dwelling of duels from about 11 months ago theres a nice mashup of flying battery with goldeneye 64

    Its called: Bond´s Batteries

  2. Andrew says:

    Dude… You know what was a real bitch… trying to edit out eggman and replace it with Hammer on MS Paint…

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