He’s baaaaaaaaack…

Well few pieces of news have literally blown me out of my seat, but I can fairly say that this one definitely did the job.  After waiting and waiting for the clock tower movie to announce some updates, I thought the franchise was dead, and I moved on to expecting other games and playing Penumbra. But then today, lo and behold: Remothered! An amazing, freaking scary, remake of all that goodness you can’t find in a game today (without a stamp of M).

Well I’ll spare you any more talking and just get to the juicy part. Here is the amazing, fantastic, awe-inspiring trailer:

For all of you who have facebook, you can also directly ask the creator any questions you would like. The company responsible for this awesome work is: MANSYON Soft.

The basic breakdown:

This game is going to be a remake, but the beauty of it is that it will have fan input. Anything you post right now on the facebook page could potentially end up in the game, and if you want to help in anyway, it doesn’t look like they would even say no.

What we do know so far:

  • The basic story and characters will stay the same besides an image update and art style.
  • There may potentially be a demo release of the game.
  • There will be new endings to the game in addition to the originals up to S.
  • The basic mansion layout will stay the same except new rooms will be added and the existing ones will change in content.
  • Remothered is being made in these PC languages: “Rgss and ruby language through the script page on RPG Maker XP :p”
  • They’ve released screen shots, test footage, and a 9 minute soundtrack demo release.

Any more content that you would like to find can be located on the facebook page of Remothered or on the youtube page of the front man for Mansyon’s company, Chris Darril.

Let misfortune fill the world once again.



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