Awesome Video of the Week!

Good Evening loyal fans of Continue?, how are you all doing today? Me, I’ve been swamped with work, fighting crime, and playing Star Craft 2, that I haven’t written any articles in a while, and have once again allowed the Video of the Week to slip away from me. However, I finally am sitting down, and taking the time to write after going on a bit of a hiatus.

This weeks video shows a YouTuber who goes by the name of Freddie25, playing a medley  of video game music. Before you say anything, I know, that isn’t very awesome, there are lots of video of video game medley. Freddie25 however, does it with a bit of a twist. He has constructed a medley of Video Game Songs with Lyrics. Freddie25 has taken popular Video Game Songs with Lyrics by artists such as Brentalfloss (any Megaman with Lyrics video and Tetris with Lyrics) and Martin Hagwell (Super Mario RPG Song), and blended them together into a very clever and unique sounding medley.

This is what happened to me when I first saw the video.

-Check the Video after the bump-

The last song in the medley is my favorite

Freddie25 posted this video on August 3rd and has already exceeded 250,000 views on it. Not to bad! If you like Freddie25’s work, subscribe to him and keep your eyes out for his CD album that he is hoping to release this winter!

On a diff I would also like to take this moment, to officially welcome Kevin to our crew, who has been writing some really awesome articles for us while Justin, Dan and I kind of take a break.

Mmm, fun in the sun!

Anyway, thanks Kevin, keep up the great work and welcome to the Continue? Family!


2 Responses to Awesome Video of the Week!

  1. Justin says:

    I hate you, Andy.

  2. […] at Continue?, introduced you to a very skilled musician named Freddie25 (you can see that article here). This week, we Continue? our serious of Awesome videos with […]

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