Continue?’s Featured Artist: Levar Allen

Hey guys, our artist for today is none other than remixer and rap artist Levar Allen. His newest video is what caught my eye, which is his awesome Super Mario Rap Remix.

Levar Allen

Well without further Ado, here is Levar’s awesome mario remix, “Game Over”.

Not only are his lyrics and flow top shelf, but the man knows how to layer a catchy melody for sure. But if you think he stops at layering some tracks and playing a little keyboard, be prepared to be amazed.

Levar does tons of covers – his youtube,, is filled with tons and tons of instrumental covers. And the man can seriously shred. His guitar skills are beyond impressive, check out this video of his “Power Ranger’s Theme Cover”

Then of course, to complete his well rounded talents, he is also a pretty good drummer, which you can see from his cover of the “Dragon Ball Z Theme”.

Interestingly, it’s pretty difficult to find any information out about Levar. He doesn’t have an about me section in any of his pages and the most that can be generally gleaned about him is that he lives in Canada and he’s currently not signed to any label. Otherwise, based on his piano and guitar skills, especially in this back cover, I’d guess that he’s classically trained,

But otherwise, let’s just hope he keeps putting out awesome videos!


2 Responses to Continue?’s Featured Artist: Levar Allen

  1. J M says:

    Haha he is brilliant!

  2. gggrl says:

    These are great. Thank you for sharing!

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