Awesome Video of the Week! August 23rd, 2010

A little over two weeks ago, we here at Continue?, introduced you to a very skilled musician named Freddie25 (you can see that article here). This week, we Continue? our series of awesome videos with another incredibly skilled musician named HIKAKIN. HIKAKIN is a 21-year-old beatboxer, from Japan. On August 21st, he posted a video on his YouTube channel of him beatboxing a song from Street Fighter 2.

-Check the video after the bump-

Personally, I find beaboxing to be amazing. I am incapable of  understanding how people do that. Somehow, they create multiple sounds, of differing pitch, sound, and rhythm all at the same time. I am sure that people are able to learn it to a degree, but talent like this can’t be learned.

Now, the internet is teeming with beatboxing videos: Greg Pattillo (the beatboxing flutist), or The Human Turntable. All of these videos, are awesome. But what makes HIKAKIN’s video the Awesome Video of the Week, is his ability to perfectly mimic the character sounds of both Ken Masters and Dhalsim. I feel that the best part was the way he mimicked Dhalsim’s K.O. sound effect from the game.

I hope you enjoyed Continue?’s newest video of the week! If so, please go and subscribe to HIKAKIN’s YouTube channel.

As always, if you know of a video that deserves to be the next Awesome Video of the Week!, please send the URL to my email: with the subject line: Awesome Video of the Week!

Have a great week!


One Response to Awesome Video of the Week! August 23rd, 2010

  1. Dan says:

    haha that was freakin amazing. I love his long shoryuken

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