Brueggemann Strikes Back! Sonicesque Vol. II

Well folks, it is the long anticipated release of Sonicesque Vol. II. Actually it’s a few months after the fact ^_^ but regardless, I had to make a post about it and give a nice breakdown of the OST. This collection is something new and fresh, and is jam packed with more sonic than your headphones have room for!

Sonicesque Vol. II
From the start, this album just screams sonic, from the nice 13 second start-up intro , all the way to the mash-up ending. I would say in many ways, Brueggemann has nailed the essence of sonic music more in this album than even volume one. His own goals for the album were,

Sonicesque Vol. II is the second original album of Sonic music in the Genesis style, composed by Karl Brueggemann. With this second volume, I really took things to the next level. I received some great feedback from Vol. I, which motivated me to go above and beyond what was originally just an experiment with a new plug-in. My goal for Vol. II was to try and emulate that classic Genesis style, while also making sure my own compositional voice was heard. Sonic 3 is the main influence here, but also Sonic & Knuckles, and Sonic 2. Fans of those games will notice some songs inspired by specific levels, such as Hydrocity, Angel Island, Ice Cap and Lava Reef, among others. I’ve put a lot of love into this album, and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do. If so, please spread the word! Below is the Youtube link, as well as the download link.

Thanks for listening! Let me know what you think!
-Karl Brueggemann

I can just about agree with everyone of his comments. It’s actually kind of neat to notice in all of the tracks how he stays true to many of the references he is making in the sense of style, but his own composition is totally different, and yet doesn’t lose an ounce of WIN. One of my first examples of that would be the second track, “Coconut Hill”. It’s seems like an Angel Island reference (with a touch of 2 I’d say) but I can honestly say that I would take “Coconut Hill” over “Angel Island” any day as an opening track.

Then the next track we’ll check out is his nice “Ice Cap Zone” inspired track, “Frozen Valley”, which he just nails. He has all the same tones and styles of the original, but I’d say his own melody has more variety and play to it than the original; It’s something you notice throughout sonicesque, that he really works with all of the layers of the song, giving them each a time to breathe and jump out to the front of the stage.

Then I’ll bring up my own personal favorite, a track that is just plain chill, “Sunset Garden”. This one, I’m not entirely sure of the reference, the choppy base reminds me of “Marble Garden Zone”, but I don’t want to bog anyone done to one track. This track is just smooth all around, there’s this great drum bass combo that just flows amid the synth/string that just builds and builds. I’d say for all time favorites, this track rivals the ever excellent, “Windy Wetlands” from Vol. I.

Then finally I will go to his ending boss track, this one is interesting. I think this is the one track that he didn’t win me over from the original “Doomsday Zone” but it’s one hell of an effort. This is great epic ending track with an entirely original melody, and it represents a great improvement from his boss tracks from last time. Just the synth-shredding alone makes this track listen-worthy.

Final comments? Well I will say there was one thing I missed, and that was a killer end theme. Brueggemann did an excellent job making a nice mash-up ending in the style of 1 or 2, but there was no awesome end theme like the ending of Sonic 3. granted, it’s probably my favorite melody of all time and easily one of the best (of course, it was done by Michael Jackson and not Nakamura/Sonic Team but anyway), but I was hoping for something, but as I write this… I am aware that volume III is already out! So I apologize for the slowness in digesting all of KB’s excellent music, and stay tuned for Vol. III!

Download Vol. II here


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