Survival Horror: Perversion is Power

There’s something about survival horror games. They give me the willies. They get inside me. They fill me with this unexplainable dread and terror that goes straight to my soul. Why is that? How? is the better question.


Continuing off of what I mentioned in the previous article about myths. We have to understand that mythology is communicated through symbols. You don’t say Greek mythology without gods and tridents, or Japanese without spirits and tentacles (sorry). So, since (as said before) video games have tons of mythical iconography, survival horror will take it and turn it on its head.

What better to do than take all of these powerful symbols which resonate in our core, grasp at things mere humans cannot with words, and STAB THEM WITH SCISSORS!? It’s sometimes such a brunt force attack that we either cannot cope, or it so subtly and slowly slides the shears into our soul that we do not realize what is going on before it’s too late, and by then we’re seated in a puddle of blood – or urine depending.

So what I want to do, rather then continue to bombard you with twisted imagery mangled amongst semi-intelligent jibber jabber is to isolate some of the core concepts – which I’m going to draw from a primarily mythical and Christian background because, lets be honest, they’re the most prevalent – and I also cannot claim much knowledge, or sufficient knowledge, of Asian mythology to sprinkle it in. That would also add pages on anyway.

Then He said to me, “The iniquity of the house of Israel and Judah is very, very great, and the land is filled with blood and the city is full of perversion; for they say, ‘The LORD has forsaken the land, and the LORD does not see! Eze 9:9 (NSAB)

So what’s to do in the world of doom, death, and destruction?

  1. God
    1. Family
    2. entity
    3. Knowledge/power symbols
    4. Birth/Conception
    5. Promise land
  2. Blood
    1. Covenant
    2. Sin
  3. The Cross
  4. Death
  5. Spirits/Demons/Angels
    1. Essence vs Evil

Since this is such a big topic, I’ll release it by parts. So the first part to come out will be on the God topic, and I’ll just hyperlink them to the bullets.



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