Chaos Legion – A Love Triangle and Killing your Best Friend


Games give us a unique look into human interaction. Often they will look into how people become friends/comrades, or how a hero and a villain fight against each other. Seeing a friend become a villain, friendships in dire straights, and troubled love triangles, however, are rarely portrayed in games. I find, from personal experience, that each of these situations are very emotionally charged, and they leave deep emotional marks on those involved. Whether watching them happen to other people real life or in games, memories and emotions can’t help but be brought up to the surface as a response – both  of experiences I am quite familiar with. One of the games that I believe is a good example of this emotional struggle is a Gothic opera known as Chaos Legion.

Major spoilers ahead.

Enter Sieg, Victor and Siela, three best friends working for the Order of St. Overia. Victor and Siela are dating/married – the game never says – and Sieg is the third wheel. However an event unfolds that shatters the loving bond between these three friends. On an assignment from the Order Siela ends up dead in the arms of Sieg, with Victor blaming Sieg for her death. Mentally broken, he disappears after swearing revenge on Sieg and the Order. This now sets the tone for the rest of the game to take place, with you the player taking the role of Sieg, the man who let his best friend’s girlfriend/wife die.
Not an easy role to put yourself into and as a child I didn’t understand it at all, I thought it was just a cool action game that let you control various types of legions into battle. However upon realizing the love triangle between three of the main characters I stepped back into it, wondering how Sieg and Victor are each driven against each other after such an event.Chaos_Legion_DevID_by_Dark_Side_Riku

For Sieg, the entire journey of Chaos Legion is one of redemption. He let his best friend’s girlfriend and one of his best friend’s die: A heavy burden to carry, with no one giving him forgiveness or easing the burden of having a friend die in your arms. He seeks Siela’s forgiveness from beyond the grave as he is ordered to chase after Victor, who now wishes to unite the three worlds as told in the apocrypha of yzarc. With very little recognition of the events that occur involving Siela’s death you continue to shoulder the burden of her death along the entire journey. It is clear through his interactions and fights throughout the story with Victor that he does not wish to kill him, but turn him away from the path of revenge. A feeling that is quite conflicting when your former best friend wants to make you suffer and die for what you’ve done. 

The game plays heavily on the interactions and relationship between Victor and Sieg. As Sieg slips further into his quest for redemption so does Victor’s thirst for revenge and desire to be united with his love again. Like many villains Victor walks a path of boundless slaughter leaving a fine trail for Sieg to follow. From the point of view we the players are given, Victor clearly has been driven into such a deep madness that nothing could potentially stop him except for Sieg to kill him. However Victor’s quest is somewhat understandable given the circumstances. If the love of your life died and you knew of an opportunity to reunite with her, most of us would at least do the research and potentially undertake the endeavor to get her back. Many love stories in classical history paint such attempts as well – Orpheus, Izanagi, etc.


As the game continues, Arcia – a maiden of silver – encounters Sieg and begins to travel with him. While Victor does not see it quite so quickly, we the viewers can see the seeds of a romance growing between our hero Sieg and this maiden. Though the game does not directly aim for the romantic, gushy emotional sentiments, it is clear that Arcia grows fond of Sieg and wants to help and protect him. Sieg, of course, as the strong, silent archetype does not respond well to this and generally keeps his mouth shut. However Sieg’s inaction to dismiss Arcia for whatever reason shows his fondness towards her; And, by the end of the game Victor has realized the bond growing between the two.-small--AnimePaper-scans_Chaos-Legion_Tatsuya_16415

This brings us to the final stage, Sieg confronting Victor to prevent him from releasing Azrail – the being which will unite the three worlds. Before the battle can even begin between the two Arcia interrupts and gives Victor the opportunity to kill her, enraging Sieg. The fight ends with Sieg’s victory and discovery that Arcia has only be wounded by Victor’s attack. Victor not completely finished moves to kill Sieg but Arcia steps in the way, causing Victor to remember the day that Siela died.
Victor had blocked out that on the day she died, when they tried to seal Azrail he was possessed and attempted to kill Sieg. Trying to stop him Siela stepped in front of the attack and was mortally wounded. After striking Victor regained control of himself unaware of his actions and proceeded to blame Sieg for her death. With all these memories back Victor laments and moves to the edge of the pillar they are standing on, preparing to commit suicide. Sieg acting to protect his friend moves to stop him but it is too late as Victor falls to his death and releases Azrail, leaving Sieg to fight. Sieg defeats Azrail and is reunited with Arcia, however now he is burdened with the death of his two best friends.

The emotional burdens portrayed in Chaos Legion give us a window to the kind of struggles our real relationships can go through. Not everyone experiences such struggles, not everyone will understand the emotional depth of a love triangle or a friendship broken by traumatic events. The people who do will understand Sieg and Victor’s points of view and the actions they take through the course of the story. So if you choose to play this game to experience it for yourself, or reading this, or see a friend go through this struggle there is a great deal to understand, endure and remember.283384-chaos-legion-windows-screenshot-intro-movies


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