Return of the Speed Run Article: Ocarina of Time

Cosmo Wright. A well known name in speed runs these days. His latest run on Twitch TV certainly turned a few heads: 22 Minutes for: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Much faster than my 8 or 9 hours… I thought that was the world record until I did a few searches to discover that nedeaS managed to shave 3 minutes off (somehow!). Both videos have jaw-dropping actions and insane glitches, but, I think the most interesting one to watch is actually the slower of the two.


I’ll throw nedeahS’ run up first so you can have the excitement of seeing the world record set (as of July 7th, 2013).

But I think the fun really happens when you see Cosmo Wright in action. Both of them are playing the Japanese version – which doesn’t get explained. Further research on the topic would yield that the Japanese text is more condensed, so it’s easier to scroll through the text. In any event, the fun of Wright’s run is that he talks through it with all the candor and enthusiasm of a phD explaining the mysteries of the universe. LoZ:OoT has more layers than one would imagine at first glance, and our Speedrunner has turned it into a scientific adventure to uncover each one. I think watching the run is not only a great reveal for how to do it yourself, but you just get this feeling of going along for the ride with him as he explains each discovery that led them to this sub 30 minute run that’s prevalent now.

My feeling afterwords is easily summed up:

If you’d like to do your own delving and watching, here’s the archive with all the records:

Speed Runs


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