Hidden Gems: Trouble in Terrorist Town

May 14, 2010

Alright, I know I just did Metal Gear Solid like last week but I recently came across this gem and had to share it.

Trouble in Terrorist Town is a mod of a mod. It’s a mod for Garry’s Mod, which is a mod of Half-life 2.

That’s a lot of mods.

Anyway, what you need to play is Garry’s mod and Counter-Strike Source, the hard part is finding a Garry’s Mod server that’s running the Trouble in Terrorist Town mod.

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Hidden Gems: Metal Gear Solid

May 6, 2010

Yes I know what you’re thinking, Metal Gear Solid?? EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT THAT GAME.

But I’m not referring to the Playstation game at all.

No what I’m referring to is the Gameboy color game.

In Japan it was released under the title Metal Gear: Ghost Babel. The story is not continuous with any of the Metal Gear Solid story lines, but it is an alternate timeline that takes place 8 years after the events of Outer Heaven.

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Hidden Gems: Boktai

April 23, 2010

Hi there, I’m a new writer for this blog, and this is a new column you’ll see semi-regularly called Hidden Gems, where I’ll tell you all about awesome games that nobody played.

For the first article I bring you Boktai!

Boktai was a title on the original Gameboy advance brought to you by Konami.

That right there should tell you it’s awesome but if you need further convincing keep reading.

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