Video Game Music – Where to Plug Your Headphones In First?

October 21, 2010

I’ve been waiting a long while to start this article because of the project that I’ve been a part of. The goal of it was to create a Canon of video game music so that anyone who wanted to listen to VG music, would have a good place to start.

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Stand Out Game Introductions

June 18, 2009

Well today I was playing an online Video Game Music quiz and I happened upon the opening theme of Cannon Fodder. I’ll just say that I had no idea what was coming there, it starts out with ska chords and goes into “♫ War, never been so much fun…♫” So for the focus of this article I will talk about some attention grabbing intros.  Not all of them need take the Cannon Fodder approach but all of them have some quality that makes them unforgettable.

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ANIME, SHENMUE, WEDDINGS, And WORK! Andy’s awesome last couple of weeks!!! PART 2

June 15, 2009

Part two of my exciting journey of “Anime, Shenmue, Weddings, and Work!” begins now!

In this episode I travel to Scranton, with the sexiest man alive, Armando. We go to visit our friend Paul 2 weeks before his wedding, a week of nothing but manly things done by manly men!

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What On Earth Happened to Shenmue?

December 20, 2008

Ryo Hazuki

Ryo Hazuki

Anyone who has played the Shenmue games knows they are something extraordinary. Shenmue I and II both dazzled players with an entrancing storyline, leaving players wanting more. This is why it came as a shock to so many that a Shenmue III is apparently not in the works. How could this happen to such a great franchise?

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