Here are the Frequently Asked Questions about Continue?:

Will Continue? ever become a real magazine?
Right now, the answer is no. However, if there is enough interest, there may be some sort of publication in the future.

Who writes for Continue?
Continue? is currently staffed by a group of friends out of Buffalo, NY. We are looking for a more diverse staff, however, so if you’re interested, send us an email!

Can I become an author?
Sure! Send an email to musicscoutjustin@gmail.com to gain access to our website’s writers area. Your articles can then be submitted for editing and publication. Since we do have a high standard for articles on our site, we ask that those who want to be authors have at least a high school education.

What era does Continue? write about?
We tend to stick with games released during the years between the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Dreamcast’s life cycles. Occasionally, we go earlier or later then these dates, but that is at the digression of the authors.

Is Continue? a part of Creative Commons?
Yes. We operate under a Creative Commons License that can be found on our About page and at the end of some articles.

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