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Dan Beyer | Music Connoisseur / Editor in Chief

An avid gamer usually found playing classic games, Dan is a devoted listener of video game music. He is constantly revisiting game-after-game in order to learn more about the history and progression of music in video games. Dan especially loves the adventure genre, and eagerly awaits the day that Lucas Arts announces Monkey Island 5. He is also the language consultant for Continue, and is currently seeking writers in Spanish and German.

Justin Baumgardner | Founder / Assistant Editor

The founding writer of Continue? Online Magazine. He has been an avid NES gamer since the day it was released and has just started to dip into collecting and refurbishing the system’s games. Slalom  is always in his NES, despite being a terrible game. In addition to playing retro games, Justin is often found on his PC playing some of the newer titles on the market.

On an unrelated note: Justin is the former president of Canisius College’s F.U.S.I.O.N. Gaming Society until leaving to become the founder of Good Job! Gaming. He is a believer in the holiday season of Winter-een-mas and is addicted to Minecraft. Justin also plays a bit of EvE Online as a member of Test Alliance Please Ignore, gets sucked into a few games of League of Legends per day, and can always be found lounging around in his gaming community’s TS3 server.

Andrew Ragazzo | Old-Skool Killa / Assistant Editor

Andrew is, in every way, a gamer. Owning at least one system from every generation since the Atari 5200 and an assortment of old and current Handheld’s, Andrew loves nothing more than to kick back and spend the whole day playing through his favorite old and new games.

For the 2009-2010 school year, Andrew was the President of  F.U.S.I.O.N., and is currently awaiting the day that Sega decides to finally announce Shenmue 3.


Kevin Racine | Continue? Writer / Let’s Play Tech


Zach DeBruin | Continue? Contributor / Graphics Pirate

A jack of all trades when it comes to gaming, Zach enjoys all genres. His area of expertise extends deep into the SNES, Dreamcast, PC, and PS1 libraries. Every genre has something to offer, but he tends to appreciate something with a little depth- something that modern games have been failing to deliver on, he feels. Along with Dan, Zach appreciates good video game music. Zach also eagerly awaits the release of Shenmue 3, Super Mario RPG 2, and Freelancer 2. He also hopes EA dies in horrible hellfire and loses their iron grip on the NFL license.

Tony Tyrpak | Continue? Contributor

James Gorman | Continue? Contributor

Garrett Wienholtz | Continue? Contributor / Graphics Consultant

Tino Galizio | Continue? Contributor

Damon McKernan | Continue? Contributor

Mike Buczkowski | Continue? Graphics Consultant

Asher Parker | Continue? Contributor / Let’s Play Tech

Andrew Coulthart | Continue? Contributor / Let’s Play Tech

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