All Hail Captain Nintendo

June 13, 2011

Don’t you always want to know the inside story? It’s always fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at your favorite video games or maybe see interviews with the actors of your favorite movies. Well how would you like a behind the scenes look at one of the biggest companies in video game history? I’ll give you a hint: It starts with an N. Even more interesting is the man telling all of the information, a nameless figure except for the title: Captain Nintendo. So who is he, and what could he possible tell us?

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Top 10 Soundtracks: Donkey Kong Country 2

December 24, 2008


Number seven on our list of the top ten game soundtracks is none other than Donkey Kong Country 2. The work of David Wise and the Rare sound team is groundbreaking on this one. Though the first game set a precedent for how the games should sound, Rare went ahead and created four times as many songs for the second and they created many amazing tracks in the process.

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