Tune in to OCremix’s Eevee EP!

August 20, 2013

Well I just wanted to drop a blurb about the latest release from OCremix so no one missed it. It is called the Eevee EP and it’s fantastic. It departs from retro a bit because the remixes span the original series up to the newer games, but it’s worth every breach of protocol. There’s a total of 9 tracks and every one of them is excellent. Each evolution of Eevee is given a song plus Eevee him/herself.

Find the whole page here



Why do we have Pikachu?

June 27, 2011

A question occurred to me a few days ago when I started to play Pokémon blue. Normally I play Pokémon in English – so I hadn’t thought that it would have been possible that the franchise would not translate all of the names. The fundamental thing to know would be that the names in Japanese are different. For example: Dragonite was Kairyu etc. So, the question is “Why?”


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State of the (Yggdra) Union – JRPGs and modern gaming

June 15, 2011

Because Square-Enix hasn't been for a while now.

The Japanese Role Playing Game. A genre that’s been with us since the 80’s as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy led the charge for stat-building, NPC tropes, and epic tales on our consoles from across the sea.

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