So, Grand Theft Auto is violent you say?

July 15, 2010

The GTA series has been the bane of over protective parents since ’97. It’s violent missions and utter disregard for the value of video game character, errr um, human life has been called one of the most violent games of all time. GTA has been blamed for kids being numb to violence by one too many news stations.

Now I love me a good shoot ’em up game, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to see where this genre actually crossed the line of wtf because GTA hasn’t really done it in my opinion. Yes it’s violent, but there are lots of games out there that are more grotesque. One of those games is the infamous Postal.

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We’re Not Dead Yet! But You Could Be…..

November 3, 2009

Well it’s been quite a hiatus, and I think it’s been hard on both of us… But fear not! We’ll call you back the next Month.
Anyway, in honor of being overly late I’ll be doing a Halloween inspired game that has deserved a throne in the horror
game shrines for decades: Clock Tower. This game has scared the bejesus out of daring gamers for over a decade,
and don’t let its successors lull you into a semblance of confidence, this game will knock you dead, or you’ll die trying.

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A Series of Series: Ahoy Matey! Problems Ahead!!!

July 12, 2009

Well I’m going to break up my music reverie this week in order to discuss a series that has a massive flaw that is known in small cases, unknown to most of the world, and ignored by those who produce this series.

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Breaking Up the Monotony with some Snood

June 14, 2009

Well I was moseying around my old computer and I noticed an image on the desktop. An image that I knew immediately and any fan would too:snood

It is non other than Jake the snood. Back when this game was getting popular and I discovered it, I was surfing AOL 7.0 on my Windows 98 PC –  those were the days.

But anyway, today I bring you a revisit of Snood, a game that had its start way back in 1996 (at this point that does not sound right to say) by creator David M. Dobson.
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Getting your Money’s Worth: Rock Band

May 27, 2009

Ever tried to play drums on rock band? If you liked it and thought easy wasn’t too bad… well neither was medium – but, when hard and expert came along you really needed to start practicing. The practice feature option of slowing the song down made that really easy too. Did you ever think that the difficulty and configuration of the drums in rock band was actually the same as real drums? I know every guitarist hates guitar hero because people think they have talent for the real guitar when they can five-star expert, but it would seem that rock band proves the (freaking sweet!) exception.
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Tetris Revisited, for Five Seconds.

April 20, 2009

So there is one version of Tetris I forgot to mention in the last article. I’m sure you’ll love it. It’s easy to win, and even easier to master! Best yet! You can get a high score every time… and never lose!

For those who got mad at Bastard Tetris back in the last post, check out this version!

A Musical? Maybe after the play…

December 20, 2008
Yes, there really was one

Yes, there really was one

If you were hoping for a musical then you’ll have to wait a bit, but in the meantime there’s a play you can see. It has undead pirates, talking dogs, a voodoo priestess, and it goes something like this: Deep in the Caribbean… The Island of Melee…

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