Chaos Legion – A Love Triangle and Killing your Best Friend

July 30, 2013


Games give us a unique look into human interaction. Often they will look into how people become friends/comrades, or how a hero and a villain fight against each other. Seeing a friend become a villain, friendships in dire straights, and troubled love triangles, however, are rarely portrayed in games. I find, from personal experience, that each of these situations are very emotionally charged, and they leave deep emotional marks on those involved. Whether watching them happen to other people real life or in games, memories and emotions can’t help but be brought up to the surface as a response – both  of experiences I am quite familiar with. One of the games that I believe is a good example of this emotional struggle is a Gothic opera known as Chaos Legion.

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State of the (Yggdra) Union – JRPGs and modern gaming

June 15, 2011

Because Square-Enix hasn't been for a while now.

The Japanese Role Playing Game. A genre that’s been with us since the 80’s as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy led the charge for stat-building, NPC tropes, and epic tales on our consoles from across the sea.

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Top 10 Soundtracks: Terranigma

December 22, 2008

Our countdown continues as number 9 of 10, Terrangima, is chosen. Here is another more or less obscure RPG with a soundtrack that does nothing less than amaze. I give a large amount of credit to SNES games for each having their own unique “sound” between the same instruments and Terranigma definitely has an astounding otherworldly tone that pulls you  away. Composed by Miyoko Kobayashi and Masanori Hikichi, Terranigma is truly set in another world.

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Top 10 Soundtracks: Breath of Fire

December 21, 2008

Just slipping into the top 10 is one of the more unknown RPG series to grace Nintendo: Breath of Fire.
Composed by the Legendary Yoko Shimomura and the famous Bun Bun (Yasuaki Fujita) of Capcom, expecting a great soundtrack is not a stretch in the least.

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Let’s Do This: Delving into an NES RPG

December 21, 2008

crystalis_swordSo my collection of cartridges has grown and my NES has been used for at least an hour a day over the past two weeks… Up until now I’ve just been playing a few pick-up-games. A little bit of Snow Brothers, then some Magic Johnson’s Fast Break, then a bit of Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers for good measure. It really has been fun, playing some great (and not so great) games from the past. However, there are only so many times you can play through the first three days of Paperboy before you need something to break up the continuity. With that, I decided it’s time to take up an NES RPG. Read the rest of this entry »