February 21, 2011

Well the last thing I would have thought about doing lately was putting up a new article on Continue? – sorry guys – but that was until I heard the latest album out by Karl Brueggemann. I had no idea what to expect when I downloaded “Sonicesque vol.1”, Karl posted it himself to the ffshrine forums – where I directed my recent article about a vg music canon – and he billed it as he had twiddled around with the sega vst:  so it would sound like new, classic sonic. He was also nice enough to answer a few interview questions, so check that out inside too!

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Video Game Nerd’s Craplist: Nightmare on Elmstreet OST

May 17, 2010

Well I’ll admit that most games that the AVGN trashes I usually don’t think about playing for a second unless they’re just THAT bad. But due to the music on this game, man I’d almost consider playing it just for effect.

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Top 10 Soundtracks: Sonic 3 & Knuckles

December 23, 2008

What makes a great soundtrack? Is it the soundcard of the system, the game and story that it’s based upon, the composer, or controversy? Well, in the case of Sonic 3 it draws from all of them. As has been the case with all Sonic games, Sonic 3 was rushed in production and had to be sold separate from Sonic & Knuckles – which it is supposed to be united with. When put together, these games make one of the greatest soundtracks ever created, and  it was composed by none other than Michael Jackson.
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Featured Composers: Tim Follin

December 17, 2008

When talking about Western Composers, which is a tough thing to do these days when Nobuo Uematsu and Hitoshi Sakimoto are so well known in the East, one man remains a constant standard: Tim Follin. Being cited as an major influence by David Wise (Donkey Kong Country, Wizards & Warriors) , Richard Jacques (Jet Set Radio, Mass Effect), and Jesper Kyd (Unreal Tournament 3, Assassin’s Creed), Follin has extended his influence in the Video Game industry for almost 30 years since he started writing in the mid 80’s.

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