Late to the party? Don’t worry, the food is still hot

May 15, 2010

Four words:

Shadow of the Colossus.

I suppose it is a tad early to call this one a “classic,” but even someone like Guillermo del Toro felt strongly enough about it to proclaim it a “masterpiece.”  It was one of those games that sort of “snuck” into the PS2 library.  Most gamers seemed to breeze right by this one, perhaps even lifting it off the shelf and reading its deceptively vague insert.  Others may have peered into the shadowy figure on the cover and instantly lost their sanity, screaming obscenities and jumping through one of the massive glass windows at Media Play.  The few that actually played it however, found it contained within its shiny disc a hundred Christmas mornings… and I’m talking about the good ones, like the time you peeled open the wrapping paper and found a Sega Saturn PS2.

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A look at VG sucession

July 14, 2009

Well I was playing around with SNES and PSX controller and I had a thought. Is it possible that the two consoles have some relation? They have very similar button configurations despite the fact that the Nintendo 64 and Playstation were dire competitors in a war of cartridges vs. CDs. So I decided to do some investigating in order to see for myself if the Playstation could be the true successor to the SNES.

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