Top 12 Sad Songs

May 12, 2009

Well Andy was surfing YouTube one day and happened upon a bunch of top 10 sad song videos – and, to be quite honest – they were all pretty bad. Yes, Final Fantasy has some fantastic sad music, but an entire list of them doesn’t do Video Game Music justice. It merely gratifies the fan boys that justify the FF series as the IT of gaming. Not that Nobuo Uematsu is not deserving of as much recognition, but there are other composers. As for the rest of the lists, I did see some notable choices, such as Sadness from Terranigma, but there were a few suspect songs missing.
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Duck Hunt’s Fatal Flaw – It isn’t the dog. It’s the sound.

December 17, 2008

It isn't really his fault.

It isn't really his fault.

By simply making the duration of the success song less then the duration of the failure sound, Nintendo made it more important not to miss then to actually shoot the ducks. It’s the dog’s sound and length actually breaks the gamer’s concentration, not the dog itself.

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