Awesome Video of the Week! August 23rd, 2010

August 23, 2010

A little over two weeks ago, we here at Continue?, introduced you to a very skilled musician named Freddie25 (you can see that article here). This week, we Continue? our series of awesome videos with another incredibly skilled musician named HIKAKIN. HIKAKIN is a 21-year-old beatboxer, from Japan. On August 21st, he posted a video on his YouTube channel of him beatboxing a song from Street Fighter 2.

-Check the video after the bump-

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Happy Holidays from the Staff at Continue?!

December 22, 2008
He had better not piledrive our ornament...

He had better not piledrive our ornament...

As the holiday season grows closer, we’d just like to thank everyone who have helped this website to grow! Over 1,000 views in the site’s first week of existence is pretty darn good in my book! On behalf of Andy, Dan, and Zach, I’d like to extend some deep thanks to anyone who has visited our site over the past week!

We are looking to do some very fun things starting in 2009, and without support from readers like you, we would never be as enthusiastic about the work that we do!

Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
– Justin and the staff of Continue?