Top 5: Fan Made Live-action Trailers

December 22, 2008

Video game movies: a subject that every true gamer fears the most. Why is that? Maybe it is because video games are not truly respected as an art form or maybe Hollywood doesn’t really care about the quality of the movie, they just want a franchise to sell tickets. However, today, I present to you, the Top 5 Fan Made Live-Action Trailers. The only criteria for this list was that it was a trailer, so sadly incredible on-line series like “Street Fighter: The Later Years” did not make the list.  So without further ado, let’s get started with my number 5 best trailer!

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“Keep It Up!”: Magic Johnson Cheers You On | The Top 5 Things that make Magic Johnson’s Fast Break unique

December 19, 2008

Sports video games are a funny thing in the world of early gaming. The games are always judged on how close they come to the actual sport, and are always criticized for the sheer number of exploits that you can find in them. However, there’s always something charming about going back to play a sports video game on the NES. You know the developers were trying their hardest, but there’s always that one little thing that ruins the game for you.

Tradewest, however, made a game that is seriously fun and pretty close to the way you’d remember basketball in the late 80’s… except for one thing… Read the rest of this entry »