Does Retro Mean Anything in Gaming Anymore?

July 9, 2012

As many times as a TV show or comic book breaks our thinking about how time flows: that it may just be circular instead of linear, is exactly how I feel about gaming these days. What we used to consider out of date, flawed, boring, and old-school has simply become “in”. It’s not an “old Nintendo” anymore, it’s a NES. It’s no longer a Mario T-shirt left over from my childhood, it’s the cool one I got from Hot Topic, or some clever pun shirt from Woot! In any event, I think it’s time we seriously considered if all of these interest groups tied to this concept of ‘retro gaming’, really still serve their original purpose.

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And so it begins…

December 11, 2008

Retro gaming in the 21st century.

With the invention of “virtual consoles” and “emulators”, old games can be brought back to life for short periods of time, to be played by today’s casual gamer in their spare time. However, retro games on a current generation system sometimes feels like they were just put there as a novelty.

Our goal is to bring back to life the feeling you got when you opened up your cardboard NES box, and fumbled around with paper packaging, only to eventually pry your grey cartridge out of it’s safe wrapping and jam it into your Nintendo. We want to relive those glory days, where the reset button was actually used to get a game to work and where games were simple yet fun.

Continue? is dedicated towards replaying the games of the 1980’s and 1990’s, and having fun poking fun at them in the process. This online magazine will have a variety of writers and will review a large span of games. If we don’t review a game you love, then why don’t you? We are currently looking for contributing writers who share the same love of retro games as we do! Feel free to contact us and pitch some stories, and we’d love to have you add them!

Thank you for reading! We are happy you will be starting our journey with us!

Justin B.
Founder/Editor of Continue?